Why We Founded ARIE Finance


Founding ARIE Finance


ARIE Finance was founded in 2018 to solve a crucial problem in the market. The urgent need for a solution such as ours came as a result of our team’s experiences as customers of international banks in both developed and developing markets.

The delays, costs, and uncertainties that we faced as entrepreneurs, investors, and asset managers got us thinking. Ten years on from the launch of the iPhone, and with new advances in technology on a daily basis, why was dealing with a bank still one of the biggest difficulties faced by business of all sizes?

Using the frustrations and obstacles that we encountered as a starting point, our team set out to build a better way to provide the essential services that facilitate and support international commerce. We created the ARIE Finance platform to enable clients to open accounts and conduct cross-border transactions simply and safely.

To do this, we took the human touch offered by experienced relationship managers, and combined it with simple but powerful technology that is secure enough to move large sums of money internationally. We developed a streamlined onboarding and client experience that, by 2021, most retail consumers already see as a given.

Starting with a blank slate enabled us to focus on what really matters to customers and regulators without having to deal with the legacy of the costly and obsolete systems that many banking institutions must endure, and which are prone to failures and bottlenecks. As a result, we have created the world’s first digital bank that offers international business customers the flexibility to grow and evolve to meet the rapidly-changing requirements of the modern world.

Today’s customers are bombarded with often-confusing buzzwords and jargon to describe where banking and its associated finance sectors are headed, from ‘Banking-as-a-Service’ to APIs and beyond. Yet our concept is simple: by bringing together and synchronising data and services in a secure environment, we can deliver innovations such as AI and big data in a way that benefits each of us.

We provide an expanding range of services to customers who do not fit the standard, cookie-cutter model of global banks. Our approach to risk management combines the very latest developments in technology and expertise. These go far beyond the existing solutions that are currently employed across the industry, which are still largely manual-based and extremely cumbersome .

ARIE Finance enables faster international payments, simplifies account management for companies with single or multiple entities, and supports the use of emerging digital currencies and tokens, whilst also providing high-quality investment banking advice. Later in 2021, we will be expanding our service across Europe and the UK as well as our proprietary banking marketplace, which will enable our clients to define their own banking experience.

What sparked the formation of ARIE Finance and the need to disrupt the business banking industry will extend into the selection of trusted third-party service providers onto our platform. This will allow our clients to benefit from their service expertise to support their transactions, capital flows, and financial modelling.

We as an industry, are in the process of a massive transition to a new wave of technology. This will require the highest possible standards of client service as we pioneer ways of combining automation with human experience.

For example, ARIE Finance’s intelligent KYC system enables us to harness the power of digital technology to collect and aggregate data rapidly, which then allows experienced executives to review the risks carefully, and better understand customers’ businesses before deciding how to proceed. This allows us to establish a personalised relationship with our clients at the earliest possible opportunity, while keeping the process straightforward and efficient for all parties.

We are continually developing and refining the services that ARIE Finance offers. In the coming months, we will be rolling out even more new products to meet the requirements of international businesses, family offices, insurance companies, high-net-worth individuals, and many more.

At ARIE Finance, we are creating a new alternative to traditional banking. Come and join us on our journey!

To find out more about ARIE Finance and to register your interest as we launch across Europe and the UK please click on this link https://register.ariefinance.com/

By Simon Tobelem, ARIE Capital, Group CEO