The Future of International Banking – Today!

the future of international banking today

By Yaron Ernst, Managing Director Europe, ARIE Finance

Retail banking and financial services have changed immeasurably in the last decade, with unprecedented technological innovation creating services that are intuitive, powerful and which make life much easier. But the world of business banking, particularly international banking, has not seen the same progress. Indeed, in many ways it has become more frustrating and more complicated due to tightened regulations and greater cross border complexities.

This is the reason why we founded ARIE Finance, as we wanted to transform business banking in a similar way to the transformation of retail banking. The key to achieving this goal has been to create simplicity where previously there was complexity. Rather than multiple service providers with different log ins and processes, ARIE Finance created a single platform that enables our clients to take banking actions quickly, efficiently and with confidence.

ARIE Finance has developed the most advanced banking platform on the market. This gives us an advantage over our competitors as we do not have any legacy systems or old IT infrastructure to work around. Our platform is flexible and easy to use and can bring together in one place all of a corporate’s different accounts across all jurisdictions and currencies.

Combining all accounts in one easy to use platform creates benefits for all users, but particularly for multi-family offices and asset managers who normally have dozens of different accounts to manage on behalf of their clients. The ARIE Finance platform enables the creation of multiple user accounts with different permissions and levels of account access, making their management much easier. Additionally, virtual cards can be created for each account, in accordance with the specifications of the asset manager regarding each of its clients.

A key advantage of our platform is that it has been developed in a modular way – like Lego – so that various related services can be connected seamlessly via APIs and accessed by our customers. This means we bring a wide range of innovative financial service providers and fintech’s together under one umbrella, so that we provide a “one-stop shop” and unique experience to our clients.

Whilst ARIE Finance’s high-technology platform is the backbone of our service, we know that even the best technology is not sufficient on its own. We therefore have a dedicated team of experts operating across our offices in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Africa, so that we can provide support to our clients around the clock. Unlike many other international financial institutions, our teams work closely together, so that our clients receive consistently the same high level of service.

This unique combination of cutting-edge technology with a human touch enables ARIE Finance to set new standards and deliver the future of international banking, today. To find out more about how ARIE Finance can support your business, and to help redefine Business banking register here.