cross border banking


Written by James Benoit, Managing Director ARIE Finance UK

Cost is an important element when assessing any service, however, sometimes what initially appears to be the cheapest option may prove to be expensive in the long-run. In the world of cross border banking it really is the case that you get what you pay for with free or low-cost models hiding fees and costs, unfavourable exchange rates, poor service and delays that can end up costing users significant amounts.

Operating and banking across borders has become ever more complex and Family Offices increasingly need to use multiple different partners across geographies to deliver even basic banking services. And yet, despite the promise of open banking, there is still limited ability for FO’s to manage multiple accounts easily.

Finding a partner who can provide all of your international banking needs through one, integrated platform has the potential to create significant value and make doing business much easier. ARIE Finance’s innovative and unique banking platform provides this service as well as a number of significant benefits which are not available from other providers.

ARIE Finance was founded in 2019 as a digital native company so it isn’t weighed down by legacy IT systems or old processes. This has enabled us to create an entirely new kind of banking platform which is designed to handle complex situations easily and to be almost entirely customisable to meet the specific requirements of a customer. In particular, ARIE Finance’s platform enables uses to create as many delegate or currency accounts as needed, with as many sub-accounts as required, all of which can be managed via one dashboard.

In addition, ARIE Finance will be launching a marketplace later in 2021 through which clients will be able to access a range of third party products such as FX, data analytics, insurance and a number of other relevant products.  There are no hidden charges and, through our platform, customers can access the service providers who they choose to work with.

ARIE Finance has developed a transparent approach to pricing which includes initial charges to set up and onboard Family Offices which reflect the nature, risks and complexity of the business they do. This approach has enabled us to invest in our fast, reliable and predictable onboarding process which is significantly more advanced than anything our competitors have developed.

This considered approach to KYC also means that once the process is complete, there should be no additional questions or data requests relating to standard activities. This creates a smoother experience that makes your international banking more reliable.

We believe that the ARIE Finance approach is unique and better than anything else on the market. And we have ambitious plans to refine and enhance our services to meet customer requirements. Can you afford to miss out?

ARIE Finance will be launching its services later this year in the UK and Europe – to find out more about us or to register your interest in our services please go to