Bespoke platform

Putting our clients back in control

ARIE Finance’s bespoke platform has been developed with the client in mind making all financial transactions and management as easy and simple as possible.

Built as the first complete banking stack on the Google Cloud platform, it works as an operating system, which is upgradable, allowing users to add new widgets and to subscribe to new services offered via our ecosystem of partners using the ARIE Finance marketplace

Key features include:

  • API & Microservices Architecture
    • Multi-layered API based core banking platform, with swappable & scalable microservices allowing for constant evolution and zero legacy. Embedded e-wallets & AI ready
  • Design Your Own
    • Fully customisable client dashboard can be personalised by users via drag & drop with an intuitive consumer-grade interface.
  • Multi-entity Management
    • Consolidated visibility of and access to “master accounts”, “sub-accounts” and “delegate accounts”. Ideal for funds, multifamily offices, holding companies and wealth managers.
  • Autonomous
    • Customers benefit from self-service additional account opening for any KCY’ed entity. Clients can also manage authorised signatories and delegates.
  • Infinitely Connectable
    • Integrated marketplace enables clients to add as many services as needed to build their own banking experience. Widgets for new services are added seamlessly.

Manage quickly

More simply than another digital banking services, our core platform is a full management system. ARIE Finance’s customer dashboard is the point of entry to a new area of easy and powerful daily financial management. Our platform is so versatile that our clients can manage in the same place a wide range of services: bank accounts, cash-flows, payments and also investments.

Dashboard to manage daily customer expérience
Dashboard to manage daily customer expérience