Indemnity for Electronic Communications

I/We hereby instruct and authorise Arie Capital Investment (ACBM) Ltd, its subsidiaries, related companies, directors, officers and employees to accept instructions and/ or requests including, but without limitation, payment orders in favour of third parties, instructions relating to assets held, etc (hereinafter referred to as “the Instructions”) which may be transmitted by me/us electronically through any of the following medium:

·        by unsecured email to an email address of Arie Capital Investment (ACBM) Ltd from below email address(es):……………………………………………………………….
·        Sent through KYC Portal; or
·        Through ACBM platform.

Upon receipt of the Instructions so transmitted, I/we understand that Arie Capital Investment (ACBM) Ltd shall have no way of checking the identity of the sender of such Instructions, except that through KYC Portal and ACBM Platform the sender must have the necessary login, password and authentication code. I/we further declare that such credentials will not be shared with any unauthorized user(s).

I/we acknowledge and accept that any Instruction received by Arie Capital Investment (ACBM) Ltd shall be deemed to have been written by me/us, regardless of whether the Instruction actually written and sent by me/us and/ or received by Arie Capital Investment (ACBM) Ltd with its content unchanged.

In case of Instructions requesting Arie Capital Investment (ACBM) Ltd to send any documents including, but without limitation, bank statements, financial accounts, powers of attorney etc (hereinafter referred to as “the Documents”), I/we confirm my/our agreement to Arie Capital Investment (ACBM) Ltd sending the Documents to any email address or facsimile number as directed.

I/We further acknowledge the risks I/we may incur which may include, without limitation, a risk to the confidentiality of the correspondence, risk of violation, transmission failures, transmission of viruses etc and do not hold Arie Capital Investment (ACBM) Ltd responsible in any way for such risk. I/We furtherconfirm that I/we am/are aware that the use of unsecured email significantly increases the risk of loss of confidentiality.

I/We hereby declare that Arie Capital Investment (ACBM) Ltd shall not be liable for any damages and losses resulting from manipulation of the content of Instructions, existence of a fake sender, transmission errors, transmission failures, lack of integrity, transmission of viruses, trojan horses, worms, spam and/or loss of confidentiality, provided that there is no gross negligence on the part of Arie Capital Investment (ACBM) Ltd.

This declaration is given in my/our personal capacity, as beneficial owner/director/power of attorney of any company which is administered by Arie Capital Investment (ACBM) Ltd on my/our behalf in accordance with the terms of Arie Capital Investment (ACBM) Ltd Terms and Conditions of Business.